Adult education as a heterotopia of deviation : a dwelling for


Heterotopias in physical education : towards a queer pedagogy?

Periventricular nodular heterotopia (PNH) is a cortical malformation commonly found in epilepsy patients caused by the failure of neurons to migrate. P Patients with PNH present with various clinical manifestations and genetic mutations. Filamin A Gene Associated Periventricular Nodular Heterotopia and Epilepsy in a Cohort of Chinese Patients Heterotopia means "out of place." In normal brain development, neurons form in the periventricular region, located around fluid-filled cavities (ventricles) near the center of the brain. The neurons then migrate outward to form the exterior of the brain (cerebral cortex) in six onion-like layers.


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Periventricular Nodular Heterotopia. Periventrikulär nodulär heterotopi. Engelsk definition. A disorder resulting from a defect in the pattern of neuronal migration  Heterotopia Museum Theater.

Michiel Dehaene • Lieven De Cauter.

7.20), curvilinear undulations of heterotopic gray matter in the deep, periventricular white matter. The term “heterotopia” is sometimes used to refer to strange or ambivalent places – places that defy the normal logic of ordering. Routinely, many spaces and places in a given culture or society tend to be understood as ordered by a certain overarching logic.


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I Gray matter heterotopias are neurological disorders caused by clumps of gray matter (nodules of neurons) located in the wrong part of the brain. A grey matter heterotopia is characterized as a type of focal cortical dysplasia. The condition in which the lines of sight of the two eyes are not directed towards the same fixation point when the subject is actively fixating an object. Heterotopia is a concept in human geography elaborated by philosopher Michel Foucault to describe places and spaces that function in non- hegemonic conditions.

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Este artigo usa a noção de heterotopia criada por Michel Foucault para interpretar as conexões entre corpo e espaço público na área  Heterotopia is the name given to focal or diffuse collections of ectopic neurons in the cerebral hemispheres, a neuronal migrational anomaly. It can be broadly  4 Nov 2013 Abstract This article explores the ongoing fascination with Foucault's brief and rather sketchy idea of heterotopia.

Spela upp. Fünf Menschen leben die Utopie eines sexuell befreiten und von  Medicinsk Ordbok. Periventrikulär nodulär heterotopi (Periventricular Nodular Heterotopia).
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All is well, TIMESPACE Gylleboverket 22 April - 1 maj 2011. Brothels and colonies are two extreme types of heterotopia, and if we think, after all, that the boat is  ”Heterotopia”, är det postmoderna term hon använder, ombedd att förklara sitt intresse för det sönderfallande palatset.

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Periventrikulär nodulär heterotopi Periventricular Nodular

Ζωντανεύοντας την πολιτισμική κληρονομιά! Bringing heritage to life! Energy, heterotopia, dystopia. George Orwell, Michel Foucault and the twentieth century environmental imagination. av Pia Maria Ahlbäck (Bok) 2001, Engelska,  engelska.