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In this talk I look at recent work on code-switching and translanguaging in an attempt to bring together linguistic, sociolinguistic and psycholinguistic approaches to this field of research. Zentella, 1997). Thus, in current multilingual contexts, code-switching is occasionally employed by language curriculum developers and instructors to assist language practices that multilingual speakers are engaged in (Creese & Blackledge, 2010). The term translanguaging is a relatively recent one used in line with code-switching in the literature.

Translanguaging and code switching

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2.1.2 Translanguaging und Code-Switching Translanguaging und Code-Switching ähneln einander zwar, aber auch über das Konzept von Code-Switching geht Translanguaging hinaus: “It is an approach to bilingualism that is cen­tered, not on languages as has often been the case, but on the practices of bilinguals that are readily observable in order to make sense of their plurilingual worlds. Classroom code-switching refers to the alternating use of more than one linguistic code in the classroom by any of the classroom participants. This chapter provides a review of the historical development of the different research paradigms and approaches adopted in various studies. So much has changed about the way people make calls. For example, you can’t even call your next door neighbor’s landline without using an area code, and you certainly can’t call mobile phones without it.

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Translanguaging and code switching

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Translanguaging and code switching

Code-switching in two multilingual secondary-school English The 3rd Swedish Translanguaging Conference, Växjö, Sweden, 2019/04/11. My research interests lie primarily in multilingual language practises, such as code-switching and translanguaging, especially in written discourse.

Multiple models have been created to describe the cognitive processing of language and how multilingualism functions and manifests within an individual speaker. Although different epistemologically, translanguaging is linked to the study of code switching in education in that it also disrupts the traditional isolation of languages in language teaching and learning. Throughout the world, code switching, understood as the going back and forth from one language to another, has been used by teachers The present paper aims to focus on two representative multilingual phenomena, namely code-switching and translanguaging. Each phenomenon will be defined based on existing literature and their potential functions in multilingual classroom research will be highlighted and discussed.
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Translanguaging and code switching

Alert. Cite. Research Feed. Translanguaging för elevernas kunskaps-, språk- och.

Det flerspråkiga sammanhanget kan medföra att lingvistiska verktyg så som ”codeswitching” eller ”translanguaging” inte är användbara för  Forskningsintressen: flerspråkighet i undervisning och arbetsliv, minoritetsspråk, svenska som andraspråk, translanguaging, sociolingvistik, lingvistisk etnografi.
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(p. 24) Rampton (2007) similarly remarked, ‘‘research on code-switching has waged a war on deficit models of bilingualism and on pejorative views of syncretic language use by insisting on the integrity of language mixing and by exam- Translanguaging and Bilingual Learners: A Study of How Translanguaging Promotes Literacy Skills in Bilingual Students . Abstract .

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"Teacher Code-Switching in L2 classrooms. Keywords: code switching, attitudes, multilingualism, translanguaging.